Life is Perfect!

It is true – life is ALWAYS perfect.  Both of my parents are dead and life is perfect.  My first husband left me and life is perfect.  I had to sell the home of my dreams and life is perfect.  My job is not what I expected it to be and life is perfect.  My kids struggle against the monsters of their past and life is perfect.

About now you are likely thinking that either I am insane or in complete denial.  The amazing thing is – it was when I came out of denial that I learned that life really is perfect.  My friends Blair, Judy and Tessa all helped me come to this realization.  I came to understand that I was so entertwined with my ego, that I was blind to the pure poetry Spirit orchestrated in my life. 

Ego resides in the shadows.  She wears night-vision goggles that search for the dangers she believes are all around her.  Her primary language is Fear and she speaks fluent “should-ish”.

Think about it – every “should” statement has its foundation in fear.  When we are at peace and are fully aware of the perfection surrounding us, we have no use for “should”. 

My kids should study, get good grades, stay out of trouble and be promoted to the next grade.  That is Fear – what will people think of me if my kids struggle in school, don’t do the work, have to repeat grades?!  I must be a terrible mom!  How could anyone love someone that fails so absolutely?!

When I know that life is perfect, I look for the opportunity – what is Spirit trying to tell me here?, what does this tell me about how I can be present and loving in my kids’ lives?, what might this be preparing me to do better or be wiser about in the future?

Ego rarely goes quitely into that good night, though.  She often argues back that I am just being lazy, avoiding confrontation, being a push-over, looking for excuses for people to give me attention and notice my struggles.  Sometimes Ego still has control.  Sometimes I get very angry at my kids, at their schools, at the educational system, at myself.  Even this is perfect.  My anger helps wake me up and reminds me I can make a conscious choice.  Sometimes my anger gives me the motivation to consider doing something differently – and that different thing leads the kids and I to an AMAZING new place.

So, if my sister and parents were still alive, I wouldn’t have my kids and have learned so much about life, purpose, joy and family.  If my first husband had stayed, I wouldn’t have the amazing man who shares my life and is my complete partner in healing and raising these kids. 

It may not be obvious in the moment, and it may take years to see the beauty in any given life experience.  I do promise you – when you change your lens and look for it,  you will see perfection everywhere.

copyrighted 8/13/09

3 Responses

  1. I’m thankful to the Creator that you had friends that you allowed to show you to this path. Awesome blog!

  2. Wow, Meg!
    You truly are a special person with an awesome outlook! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be following your blog from now on!

  3. Phil and Terri – thank you so much for your caring and encouraging comments! Love and blessings!

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