Ground Control to Major Tom…

Have you ever noticed that we have a tendency to live out our lives as if everything were life and death scenarios?  We seem compelled to control the world around us and to react with extreme alarm if even minor things don’t go the way we want them to.  A simple 15 second delay on the part of the driver in front of us in his response to the green light can cause a symphony of honking horns and a flock of “birds” flying out of car windows.  A web-page freezes up and the keyboard gets poked and jabbed and perhaps even bashed.  It seems even the simplest tasks have to be as orchestrated and well planned as a lunar landing.

I don’t understand Ego and its need to be in charge. 

I fall into Ego’s trap far too often.  If someone says the sky is purple – why do I feel obligated to insist that it is blue.  Who cares?  So what?!  How do I know what purple really looks like?  Why, just because I interpret the sky as blue does that mean it is absolute truth?

When I take a deep breath and think, well, that is interesting – I open up possibilities rather than shut them down.

The REAL kicker is when the difference in perspective is something more personal – when someone questions my values, knowledge, skills, lifestyle.  Ego soars into hyper-mach 10 drive then!  I immediately make judgements about this other person’s sanity, values, knowledge, skills, lifestyle – even their right to think differently.

I wonder what would happen if I took a deep breath and met their perspective with marvel and amazement- instead of resistance.  I actually wonder this alot – almost always after I have had a blazing reaction.

I really want to get better about meeting the world with astonishment and awe as my initial response.

I am going to set an intent to be thoughtful and conscious about this – taking time everyday to increase my awareness of my reactions.  It seems like it would be a much less stressful way to live.  I am going to redirect all of my energies who currently work for Ego at Ground Control – promoting them to Scouts, seeking out new frontiers.  I imagine I will see things in a whole new light.  Who knows, I might find a purple sky.

copyrighted 8/21/09

2 Responses

  1. Hi Meg,
    Your blog is wonderful–warm, honest, funny. You’re on an amazing journey of above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty service. It will always be one of the best things you do with your life. The children will settle into your love and you will come to understand who they are more each day, and help them grow through this. And it is so good to ask them to respect you and how much you care for them, for that will keep you from going crazy. I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you–and that says a lot about who you are. Take care, Meg. Good work.
    Pam B

  2. Pam,
    what a beautiful comment, thank-you! The positive energy, prayers and blessings from family and friends (both those I have met and those I haven’t) do much to give me the energy an focus I need to see me through this journey. Sending you peace and blessings!

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