When it Rains…It Pours!

I am sure you have heard that exclamation before – and most of the time people are referring to a cascade of “bad luck” or difficulties – not  to the Universe raining down blessings.

But, what if that is what is happening?

It has occurred to me that the only times things go from “bad” to “worse” and then on even further to “THE WORST” is when I am not paying attention to what life and the universe are trying to tell me.  There seems to be a very clear pattern that plays out – not only in my life, I have seen virtually every person I know have the same experience.  These events can be small, but frequent irritations, or they can be major setbacks that turn into earth-shattering crises.

What if the only reason these situations become so overwhelming and difficult is because we often don’t make necessary changes in our lives until the current situation is too unbearable to maintain?  What if we pay closer attention to our inner selves and take action early on?

For example, I know a lot of people who have lost jobs.  Prior to the lay-off they frequently talk about how stressful it is where they work.  Sometimes they don’t like the actual work they do, or the people they work with.  And when the pink slip comes, they are shocked, distressed and in crisis mode.  Now, I certainly understand why – most of us need the income we are bringing in and don’t have much of a “rainy day fund”.  It is VERY frightening to not know where your next paycheck will be coming from or how you will manage your finances.  I get that.

My question is, what if we left before we got laid off?  What if we started looking for other opportunities as soon as we recognized that we are not eager to get to work each day?  Or what if we acknowledge in this sudden change a prayer that has been answered?  Life is just too short to spend on doing things that don’t energize and stimulate us.  Our souls know that.  So our spirit conspires with the universe to keep upping the ante – and sometimes they finally resort to extreme means to get our attention.  Virtually everyone I know that has lost a job has ended up in a work situation that they enjoy much more – and they likely would not have left the job until the situation was either intolerable or – as in the example of being laid off – out of their control.

The same goes for just about any circumstance.  In a matter of 4 years I lost my mom, lost my sister, gained 4 traumatized kids, lost my husband and lost my home.  I readily admit that at the time I did not think any of these things were good or something for which to be grateful.

However, I have now learned to develop a very comforting spiritual relationship with all of my family members that have left the physical world, I am grateful everyday for the love, learning and growth I have experienced with the kids, I have a new husband who is more than I had ever dreamed in terms of being a partner, friend and lover, and we have the house that is perfect for where we are in our lives right now.

These last 7 years have taught me that with patience and perspective, every event, situation, circumstance and relationship is a precious gift that allows us to fully experience this life and continue to grow in consciousness. 

My friend Debbie is a great example of living in gratitude.  She was recently laid off from a job.  She is one of the most happy and playful souls I know and seems to find ways to enjoy life regardless of what is going on.  So, when she got her pink slip – she immediately saw the gift that was being presented.  She now has the time, the financial resources (thanks to a good severence package), and the inspiration to launch her dream career.  She isn’t sure how it will play out – she doesn’t expect a money-back gaurantee on her gift from the universe.  She just knows this is what brings her joy, peace and fulfillment.  She has faith that she will have what she needs when she needs it.  I love her courage and delight in this new adventure.  I have decided to be more like her – to find the thrill and wonder in all life has to give and to stop trying to label things “good” or “bad”.  Life has only the meaning we choose to give it. 

So, remember, when it rains…it pours down blessings upon us!

copyrighted 9/16/09

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  1. Meg, you are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words…..I love reading your blog and always learn something from each of your posts. Love you!

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