Slug-A-Bug, Love Bug!

Have you ever played the driving game “Slug-a-bug”?  I remember playing it as a kid with my brothers and sister.  My kids and I love to play it whenever we are out and about in the car.  It is amazing, it can seem like there are hundreds of volkswagen beetles on the road.  In fact, we often see so many that we include the color of the particular “bug” we are slugging – “slug-a-bug, yellow bug!”  Sometimes we switch it up and play “Cruiser-bruiser” or “twin car” – finding other Chrysler Pacifica’s.  If you aren’t really looking, or paying attention, it just seems like the road is filled with lots of generic cars.  But when you pay attention, and start looking, it is amazing how many Bugs, PT Cruisers and/or Pacifica’s are out there.

I have come to believe that life is like that.  If we are focused on everything that is wrong with the world, or our family or ourselves – that is what we will see.  And we will point to overwhelming evidence that the world is a frightening, unloving, evil, place filled with cruel, unfeeling, narcissistic beings.  It can seem like even people who act in kind ways are only doing so for purely selfish reasons.  Interestingly, when I have found my perspective to be skewed in this direction, I have also been in a most selfish, egocentric, fearful, angry state.  I actually began taking on the characteristics and behaviors of the environment and people I judged as maliscious and wicked.  I was so fearful of the dark, that I refused to open my eyes to face it.  I got so used to the dark, that I adapted to it and to some extent became a part of the darkness.

I cannot pinpoint any one person, incident, or statement that lead to my metamorphasis – I believe a vast number of miracles, loving acts, and fateful experiences were involved.  What was amazing, is that when I did open my eyes, I realized that it was only the act of keeping them closed that kept me in the dark. 

When I began to look for the light, it was everywhere.  When I started focusing on the kindness, love and beauty in me, in my life and in the world, I noticed these things existed in an overwhelmingly higher proportion than any of the things of which I was afraid. 

Just like when we play “slug-a-bug”, it seems that these cute little cars appear on roads, streets and highways more frequently than any other make and model.

The real miracle here is that I now fully understand that I have complete control over whether I live in a fear-ridden, cruel, vile world; or a safe, loving, peaceful world.  I get to choose. 

When I choose to focus on love instead of fear, I actually create my reality.  I begin attracting peaceful environments to me.  I manifest devoted, passionate people into my life who further support my  joy and gratitude for life.

The gift I most want to give to my loved ones is this perspective of abundant love.  I have learned that this is a gift that cannot be given away.  The only way I could ever hope to pass it on is by holding it close to my heart and living it completely.  Then, my kids, family, friends, and the world at large have the opportunity to experience the safety and c0mfort they need to open their eyes and see.

copyrighted 9/22/09

2 Responses

  1. Excellent! Love is the greatest change agent on earth! Great read, thanks!

  2. Beautiful Meg! 🙂

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