Intention is 20/20 Vision

I made a vision board a few weeks ago.  For those who may not know, a vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, symbols, or other images that respresent the life you envision.  It can include the things in your life now for which you are grateful or want to celebrate, as well as how your life will look when your hopes, dreams and intentions come to pass.  It can include material possessions, achievement of goals, and/or types of relationships.  The focus can be narrow – such as what your career/work life is like, or expansive and encompassing all aspects of life.  Mine was very broad and included home/family, career/work, relationships/community impacts, financial goals, and emotional/spiritual growth.

The vision board can be used in a number of ways.  It can be a focal point for visioning/meditation exercises, it can also be posted or placed somewhere that you see it frequently so that the images become familiar and are incorporated into your subconscious.  I sort of do both.  I keep it next to my bed.  I make take time for it each day when I wake up and before I go to sleep.  Sometimes I use images or words for meditation or visioning exercises, other times, I just gaze at it, but don’t specifically focus on it.

One important key to using a vision board is to avoid the term (and emotions associated with) “want”.  Wanting something insinuates that it is currently lacking.  When your thoughts and energy are focused on the absence of something, or the scarcity of it, that is what you continue to invite into your life.  You will notice in my first paragraph, I do not say that a vision board represents what you want, but how you envision your life.  It may feel like semantics, and it may seem at odds with your understanding of your current reality.  You may say – I don’t have a fulfilling job, so I want a fulfilling job, or I don’t have enough money, so I want more money.  The thing is, as long as your thoughts and energy are concentrated on your being unfulfilled, or experiencing a lack of money, that will be your perception of your reality.  It may be because we only see what we expect to see, or it may be that we are incredibly powerful, divine beings that create what we will.  I believe it is both.

One of the areas of my vision board addresses my kids.  It contains images, words and pictures that envision them as happy, healthy, and eager learners.  I included my wish for them to be at peace, to experience emotional safety, and to have their own dreams for achievement, love, and sense of purpose.  I have chosen to make this my first priority therefore this section is my primary area of focus when I do visioning and meditation.  In a matter of weeks, I am seeing these intentions coming to fruition.  Kenneth is attending work readiness training and will be enrolling in GED on Friday – he is well on his way to achieve his goals of having a job and attending a techical school to gain certification in computer software development and design.  Megan has the best grades ever, and is excited about visiting high schools.  Patsy receives good progress reports every week and is seeing herself as a smart and capable student.  The most unexpected result is that we are re-estabishing a loving, fun, positive relationship with Cristi.  She has been coming every other weekend to have Sunday dinner with us.  It is such a joy to have the entire famiy together sharing a meal, laughs and memories.

Is the vision board a magic tool for creating the life I envision?  Am I using the powers of the Universe to align the physical world to be in synchronicity with my intentions?  Am I just focusing on the positive, catching the kids in those moments and reinforcing the desired behavior?  Perhaps – yes, yes and yes.  I will leave you to come to your own conclusion.  I do urge anyone that believes there is a better, happier, more fulfilling, safer, wealthier, and/or healthier future out there to do a vision board.  If nothing else, it can give you hope and ideas for moving in your intended direction.  I would love to hear comments from anyone that decides to take me up on my challenge. 

May all your hopes, dreams and intentions come true!

copyrighted 9/30/09

3 Responses

  1. Great post! I especially liked this:

    “…as long as your thoughts and energy are concentrated on your being unfulfilled, or experiencing a lack of money, that will be your perception of your reality.”

    Very true, and the concentration on the not-having simply brings more not-having to focus upon! Having said that, I think we sometimes give wanting/desire a bad name…the trick for me has been to learn to appreciate the contrast for the clarity it provides about what IS wanted…and then to move as quickly as possible into a better-feeling place around what positive emotions I will experience (appreciation, joy, freedom, bliss) as my desire becomes manifest.

    Thanks again!

    Carolyn Beale

  2. I like this Meg. ..and I like the idea of a Vision Board! I may just give it a try. And if nothing else, positive thoughts and visions have got to be better for the soul than “I am lacking…” thoughts!

  3. Carolyn and Terri –
    Thanks for your comments and for reading my blog posts! Carolyn, I agree, you have to acknowledge what you want – the trick is to quickly move to living the feelings “as if”. The emotional impact behind the intention adds fuel and brings our intended reality into synch much more quickly.

    Thank-you again for your loyal readership and comments!
    Peace and Blessings!

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